All You Wanted To Know About Sex


Hari Datt Sharma


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Publication Year 2011


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Sex being a taboo in our society, restricts us from discussing the subject openly. As a result, several misconceptions and myths are bred and fostered by this denial, leading these myths to gain currency. Will masturbation lead to weakness? Does kissing make you pregnant? Does a wart on the genitalia mean veneral disease? 

Unable to find answers to many such queries, these people become easy targets for the quacks who fleece them and in the process give a push to the existing cycle of misinformation.

Now All you wanted to know about Sex throws light on this subject, dispelling scientifically several myths associated with it. The book, from how to enjoy sex, love postures, to techniques of sexual intercourse, discusses threadbare the entire gamut of sexual artistry with references from celebrated sex manuals like Kamasutra and other texts.

Backed by apt illustrations, the book will prove to be an informative, educative and enjoyable reading material.

Hari Datt Sharma

Hari Datt Sharma was born on 1st june 1939, he was founder of peace of mind mission based in New Delhi. A retired senior teacher, he had received training in Special Education in England under the Technical Cooperation Award. He has won many awards in the field of Special Education.
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