How To Shape Your Kids Better


Hari Datt Sharma


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Parents often have a tendency to blame children for their failings—little realising that their own role in their personality development is of much greater significance than their offsprings. Parents need to look within to see how they can be model parents and provide a healthy environment for proper mental, emotional and physical growth of their children.

Focussing on this basic issue, this book holds a mirror to parents, and shows how they can excel in the art of parenting. However protection or restrictiveness can spoil a child; permissiveness or indulgence can make him anti-social, rejection can work on his personality, why he takes to lying, stealing or mud-eating.

The book is a total guide to the subject covering topics from effects of disturbed parenthood, role of right communication, common childhood behavioral disorders like stuttering, bed- wetting, nail biting to behavior improvement techniques, skill development, fostering creativity and helping in setting and achieving of goal—and finally a complete section on looking after handicapped children.

Hari Datt Sharma

Hari Datt Sharma was born on 1st june 1939, he was founder of peace of mind mission based in New Delhi. A retired senior teacher, he had received training in Special Education in England under the Technical Cooperation Award. He has won many awards in the field of Special Education.
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