Perfect Health: Health Hazards & Cure


Prof. Shrikant Prasoon


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Publication Year 2014


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Life is not a mathematical equation of do's and don'ts. Rather it is an intricate adjustment of opposing forces of good health and ailments that represent living a life. The road to good health entails living with moderation in habits and attitudes. 

Now say goodbye to illness and disease; power yourself with energy and stamina, experience perfect health & fitness and at the same time boost the efficiency of body's immune system and its ability to cleanse itself of toxins. Perfect health: health hazards & cure helps you increase the odds of balancing physical and mental health with bold, broad approach explained through medically up-to-the-minute body examinations related to heart blood pressure, kidney, breast, diabetes mammogram, cancer, etc. The book completely demystifies prevents, stabilises and yes reverses various diseases. 

The set of 4 books - perfect health: The complete Guide for body & mind is only not meant to just create awareness about the mind and emotions and will teach you how to work your way to fitness and attain true health. This amazing 4- book set is an epitome of health Insurance.

Prof. Shrikant Prasoon

Born in 1945, Prof. Prasoon served the Bihar University as a teacher of English from July 1972 to January 2005. Among his more than 50 published works, there are various collections of poems in Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Bhojpuri, besides many general books in Hindi and English. His works on Spirituality and Religion are among the bestsellers. His five books on Management have brought into light the ancient, remote, forgotten and effective theories of Management.
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