ISBN 9788126505975,3ds Max 7

3ds Max 7



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788126505975

ISBN-10 8126505974


Language (English)

Computer Books

authoritative reference-tutorial to 3ds max. It is packed with expert advice, timesaving tips, and more than 150 step-by-step tutorials. Whether this is a reader?s first exposure to Max, or they?ve been eagerly awaiting the newest version, readers will find everything they need in this book. If new Max users are itching to actually create something now, the Quick Start project in Part 1 is just for them. If readers can't wait to check out the new software features, start exploring detailed coverage of the Particle Flow interface, architectural objects and materials, Shockwave 3D Export, VertexPaint features, and more-all the details are here. A 16-page color insert will highlight work by various cutting-edge 3ds max artists. The companion CD-ROM will include a demo version of the new Max, tutorial files, 3D models, bonus plug-ins, and more! Table of contents : Preface Acknowledgments Part I: Learning the Max Interface Quick Start: Creating and Animating a Three-Fingered Gaaboot Finding Your Way-Exploring the Max Interface Seeing It All-Working with the Viewports Saving Your Scene-Working with Files and Xrefs Customizing the Max Interface and Setting Preferences Part II: Working with Objects Creating and Editing Primitive Objects Selecting Objects and Setting Object Properties Transforming Objects-Translate, Rotate, and Scale Cloning Objects and Creating Object Arrays Grouping and Linking Objects Working with the Schematic View Introducing Modifiers and Using the Modifier Stack Part III: Modeling Modeling Basics and Working with Sub objects Drawing and Editing 2D Splines and Shapes Using Editable Poly Objects Painting Deformations Working with Mesh Modifiers Surface Modeling with Patches and NURBS Building Compound Objects Creating Particles and Particle Flow Part IV: Materials and Maps Exploring the Material Editor Creating Simple Materials Creating Advanced Multi-Layer Materials Adding Material Details with Maps Controlling Mapping Coordinates Creating Baked Textures Part V: Cameras and Lighting Working with Cameras Basic Lighting Techniques Advanced Lighting, Light Tracing, and Radiosity Part VI: Animation Animation and Keyframe Basics Using Animation Modifiers Wiring Custom Attributes Animating with Constraints and Controllers Using the Expression Controller Working with the Track View Part VII: Character Studio, Rigging, and Inverse Kinematics Creating and Animating Bipeds Using Physique to Add Skin to a Biped Controlling Biped Crowds Manually Rigging a Character Working with Inverse Kinematics Part VIII: Dynamics and reactor Using Space Warps Creating a Dynamic Simulation Animating with reactor Part IX: Rendering and mental ray Rendering Basics Using Atmospheric Effects Using Render Elements and Effects Raytracing and mental ray Network Rendering Using the Video Post Interface Part X: MAXScript and Plug-Ins Automating with MAXScript Expanding Max with Third-Party Plug-Ins Appendix A: What?s New with Max 7.1 Appendix B: Installing and Configuring 3ds max 7 Appendix C: Max Keyboard Shortcuts Appendix D: What?s on the CD-ROM Index