ISBN 9781403930187,A First Course In Differential Equations With Applications

A First Course In Differential Equations With Applications





Macmillan India Limited

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9781403930187

ISBN-10 140393018X


Number of Pages 528 Pages
Language (English)


A First Course in Differential Equations with Applications is an introductory text on differential and partial differential equations providing a basic understanding of an impor- tant branch of Applied Mathematics. Placing emphasis on applications, this book underpins a proper understanding of real world problems arising in diverse fields such as physical, biological, medical, environmental and agriculture sciences, different branches of engineering, information technology, and bioinformatics. Intended primarily to serve as a textbook for undergraduate students of science and engineering streams, this book would also be useful to postgraduate students of different disciplines. The book begins with an introduction to differential equations covering basic definitions and the role of these equations as mathematical models. It further discusses the real world systems and their representation by differential equations of the first order. This is followed by power series solutions of the first and higher order differential equations and their applications. The book also covers in great depth the system of linear differential equations with applications, Laplace transforms for representing and analysing linear system of equations and their applications to solution of differential equations, Sturm-Liouville theory, Fourier series, numerical solution of ordinary differential equations, modelling by partial differential equations and solution of partial differential equations with and without boundary conditions. Some well-known partial differential equations like wave equation, heat equation, Laplace equation and Black-Scholes model of financial engineering are also discussed in detail. Differential equations modelling tsunami and heart beat are also introduced briefly. The salient features of this book are: ? Written and structured in a manner that makes it accessible to an average student. ? Includes a large number of applications so that most equation categ