ISBN 9781405157810,A Guide to Teaching Development Psychology

A Guide to Teaching Development Psychology



John Wiley

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9781405157810

ISBN-10 140515781X


Number of Pages 266 Pages
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The environmental aspect of cities is nowadays well recognized as a cri- cal element of urban development, management and regeneration. There are various environmental issues related to cities, and they have been a- lyzed in an individualized manner. Many types of technologies, such as wastewater treatment, have been developed to solve particular envir- mental problems. However, many of these problems are related to each other, and social and economic aspects are also important for urban reg- eration. A holistic view combining knowledge of various urban environmental f- tors such as water, heat, energy, air, materials and waste, and a practical approach based on such understandings are essential to manage contem- rary urban environmental issues, from a local scale to a global scale. The University of Tokyo has been conducting the 21st Century COE (C- ters of Excellence) Program on Sustainable Urban Regeneration. Transd- ciplinary courses have been offered for graduate students from the depa- ments of Urban Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture to present a holistic view of urban regeneration. This book is based on the contents of the transdisciplinary course on en- ronmental management and technology. I hope that its content will be u- ful for undergraduate and graduate students and for experts and policy makers in developed and developing countries. Shinichiro Ohgaki Project Leader, COE Program on Sustainable Urban Regeneration The University of Tokyo Contents Preface v Part I Water Environment 1. Water Management in Sustainable Buildings ………............. 3 Motoyasu Kamata and Masayuki Mae