ISBN 9788121503860,A History Of Sanskrit Literature

A History Of Sanskrit Literature



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1972

ISBN 9788121503860

ISBN-10 8121503868

Hard Back

Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 488 Pages
Language (English)

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Arthur A. Macdonell's services to the study and research of Sanskrit literature are too well-known to need any introduction and too vast and varied to be covered in one. From writing a Sanskrit Grammar to preparing a Vedic Index, he has indebted the students and scholars of Sanskrit alike, in many ways. Of all his works the most monumental is the writing of a handy of Sanskrit literature, covering for the first time the entire period, from the Vedic to the most recent times of its fertility. These are histories of Sanskrit literature, written both before and after him, but scholars know best that Macdonell's excels them all in depth, in the range of coverage, in precise critical estimation, in clarity of presentation and lucidity of expression. Contents Preface 1. Introductory 2. The Vedic Period 3. The Rg-Veda 4. Poetry of the Rg-Veda 5. Philosophy of the Rg-Veda 6. The Rg-Vedic Age 7. The Later Vedas 8. The Brahmanas 9. The Sutras 10. The Epics 11. Kavya or Court Epic 12. Lyric Poetry 13. The Drama 14. Fairy Tales and Fables 15. Philosophy 16. Sanskrit Literature and the West Appendix on Technical Literature-Law-History-Grammar-Poetics-Mathematics and Astronomy-Medicine-Arts