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A Jar Of Sound


Wisdom Tree



Wisdom Tree

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788183281881

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Bhil art is an organic and alive art form practised by the tribes of Bhil, Rathwas and Nayaks from Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. Also called Pithora paintings after the reigning deity of the community, Pithoro, these form a part of the ritual to hon-our him. They are painted on the inner mud walls of houses during all occasions of significance, like birth, weddings, death or festivals. Interestingly, unlike other forms of folk art in India where women play a dominant role in the painting exercise, the Pithora paintings are done only by a few select men of the tribe. Amid singing and chanting, the paintings are done as part of a religious ritual by the Lakharas at the behest of the head priest, Badwa. The Jokharas, again men from the community, keep a record of the paintings. Even today, the paintings retain their ritualistic essence and the commercialisation of this art form is resented within the community. About The Author Anjali Raghbeer, a London Business School alumnus, is a well-known scriptwriter and a much loved children?s author. An art lover to the core, she also conducts art appreciation workshops for youngsters. She lives in New Delhi with her husband and two daughters. Kunal Kundu, a graduate of the National Institute of Design, is a keen Illustrator and an animation film designer. His works have been screened at several international film festivals. In his free time, he can be found blogging and maintaining a fish-room full of exotic aquarium fishes, mostly South and Central American chlids.