ISBN 9788129115478,A Romance With Chaos

A Romance With Chaos


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788129115478

ISBN-10 8129115476


Number of Pages 291 Pages
Language (English)


tor on the way. The book deals with the struggles of a company executive in his twenties. Despite having achieved some success at a young age, Nakul goes through a series of obstacles that reduces his self-respect to nil. Stuck with an incompetent boss, a gold-digging girlfriend, and an uptight roommate, Nakul is leading a life that is less than perfect. But things begin to change when Nakul encounters a few sketches done by an acquaintance. This incident provides a path that he has been looking for all his life. As the novel progresses, things start to look up for the protagonist, but nothing seems to last forever and this is what Nakul learns along the way. While the narrative deals with the pressures of working in a corporate atmosphere, A Romance With Chaos provides a ray of hope for Nakul who does find happiness where he least expects it. It has a little something for everybody, including themes of love, politics, peer pressure, and the complications of working in the IT sector. A Romance With Chaos is hilarious, yet thought-provoking, and has been well received by teen and adult readers, especially those working in the corporate sector. Critics have added their appreciation as well. About Nishant Kaushik Nishant Kaushik is an author and a business consultant. His published works include Watch Out! We Are MBA and Conditions Apply. Kaushik's first work, Watch Out! We are MBA, sold over 35,000 copies making him an instant success. Apart from being a writer, he is an avid musician. Kaushik was a vocalist in his college band and also participated in debates. He even won the 2003 All-Gujarat Times Public Speaking Contest in Ahmedabad. Kaushik is associated with a multinational company as a business consultant. He began writing at a young age and his first story was his own version of Goldilocks & The Three Bears.