ISBN 9788178357287,Aaina Zamir Ka Dekha, On Looking into the Mirror of Conscience

Aaina Zamir Ka Dekha, On Looking into the Mirror of Conscience



Kalpaz Publications

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788178357287

ISBN-10 8178357283

Hard Back

Number of Pages 408 Pages
Language (Hindi)

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State and religion were still Smanjon control, but has been discharged. Jnskriyta to survive the new conditions the human society, the State must Upjiwy culture and religion. The consistent rise of social cognition as well as multiculturalism, the rise of global culture can be expected. The perspective of life and present real world `legacy of the pre-modern and post-modern society - social, cultural, historical interpretation of suffixes and Vipryyon offers. Think of all the Epistemology of the original problem has been correctly Vshupurk power. Resolves the conflicts of power and knowledge presented in texts Vashaisik philosophy of Maharishi Karnad suffixes have been realistic. Vashaishik Punrpat sources which are being presented here will be new to the Indian scholars, in their implications can be seen glimpses of the Western philosophical and scientific Pratipttion. Postmodernism is a state Kalgt modern global life, while postmodernism Western consumerist mentality linguistic projection of the society concerned. Backward societies knowledge regarding this type of rearrangement, all kinds of invisible financial capital of the economy can lead to hallucinations and Mnogrsttaon. In the interpretation of the proxy and other brands in the works - with the secular concept of Gandhian thought Dwndwatmk analysis has been formulated.