ISBN 9780070700987,Accounting Made Easy

Accounting Made Easy



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070700987

ISBN-10 0070700982


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 272 Pages
Language (English)


This new edition of Accounting Made Easy continues to provide a simple and easy-to-assimilate introduction to the subject of Financial Accounting. The structure of the book has been defined and built around two levels. The first level helps the readers to build an understanding of accounting in a step-by-step manner. The second level builds a bridge between the accounting learnt in the first level and the real-world accounting. The book follows a novel `Learn by Doing? approach which engages the reader in work modules while one reads the book. Salient Features A chapter on `Learning from Accounting Scams to make the reader understand what the dishonest people can do in the context of accounting. Help students to learn basic financial accounting without being traumatized. Easy to understand language TABLE OF CONTENTS Level I The Green Company (Cash & Trading) The Yellow Company (Credit & Trading The Blue Company (Credit & Manufacturing) The Brown Company (More Manufacturing) The Red Company (A Brief Strategy) The Orange Company Learning from Level I Level II Simple T-Accounts: An Introduction Simple T-Accounts: Do-It-Yourself Taking Stock of Stocks Complex T- Accounts: An Introduction Complex T- Accounts: Do-It-Yourself Accounting Systems: Cash Book, Journal and Ledgers Learning from Accounting Scams Accounting Concepts and the Policy Learning from this Book

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