ISBN 9788132103134,Accumulation by Dispossession : Transformative Cities in the New Global Order

Accumulation by Dispossession : Transformative Cities in the New Global Order


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788132103134

ISBN-10 8132103130

Hard Back

Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)


The contemporary regime of globalisation and neoliberalism is creating a far-reaching impact on different scales across the world. On the urban scale it has resulted in a huge transformation of the city space, land use and reorganisation of the urban governance. This book is a provocative examination of the contemporary urban scenario in several countries, offering South Asian, North American and European perspectives. Written by some of the most eminent theorists and social scientists of our time, the chapters cover critical empirical analyses of the contemporary transformation processes of several cities and the related socio-economic implications. The book focuses on the intense spatial crisis in these metropolises, reflecting contradictory processes of inclusion and exclusion?a typical characteristic of the global city space. The above crisis, the essays argue, is essentially related to the disjuncture between the ideology of neoliberalism, its everyday practices and the related societal effects. Debunking the myth of homogenisation through globalisation, this volume exposes a divided framework in which globalisation and neoliberalism work, leading to increasing polarisation. There is a special section that focuses on Mumbai, which is especially relevant to the study of India?s current urban policy and its wider ramifications. The book will be extremely useful for researchers and students of political economy, globalisation and development studies, urban studies, and for urban planners, professionals and urban activists as well. Table of Contents Introduction: Transformative Cities in the New Global Order SWAPNA BANERJEE-GUHA The Right to the City: From Capital Surplus to Accumulation by Dispossession DAVID HARVEY The Global City: Strategic Site, New Frontier SASKIA SASSEN Global Capital, Neoliberal Politics and Terrains of Resistance in Vienna HEINZ NISSEL Globalisation and Transformation of Dhaka City NAZRUL ISLAM and SALMA A SHAFI Manufacturing Neoliberalism: Lifestyling Indian Urbanity SOLOMON BENJAMIN Hi-tech Hyderabad and the Urban Poor: Reformed out of the System UMESH VARMA PAKALAPATI Reconfiguring Power Relationships: Policies towards Urban Services in Mumbai MARIE-HELENE ZERAH Urban Transport Projects in a Globalised Scenario DARRYL D?MONTE Urban Public Space and the Urban Poor SHARIT K BHOWMIK Revisiting Accumulation by Dispossession: Neoliberalising Mumbai SWAPNA BANERJEE-GUHA Index