ISBN 9788176353168,Active Server Pages 2.0 Unleashed

Active Server Pages 2.0 Unleashed




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BPB Publications

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9788176353168

ISBN-10 8176353167


Language (English)

Computer And Internet

Active Server Pages 2.0 Unleashed has been completely revised to answer the needs of the intermediate/advanced ASP 2.0 user. The book has been refocused to provide detailed coverage of the core concepts within ASP as well as more advanced topic coverage. Topic coverage will include in depth coverage of the ASP objects as well as topics such as building custom components, scriptlets, working with transactions, DNA, CDO, ADO, and more. The reader will be able to use this book a chapter at a time. Each chapter will stand on its own so that the reader can focus on the topics they are currently interested in. To help the reader get the most out of each chapter, examples will be presented that contain functionality used in real-world Web applications. This will allow the reader to port the code to their own applications quickly and easily. Table of Contents Chapter 1 Building Active Server Pages Chapter 2 Active Server Page and theHTTP Protocol Chapter 3 Working with HTML Forms Chapter 4 Working with Active Server Page Applications Chapter 5 Working with Sessions Chapter 6 Interacting with the Client :ASP and Internet Explorer Chapter 7 Generating Dynamic Contents from th Server Chapter 8 Working with the file System Chapter 9 Tracking Page Views and Displaying Advertisements Chapter 10 Working with Email Chapter 11 Working with the Active Directory Service Interfaces Chapter 12 Working with Connections and Data Sources Chapter 13 Working with the Commands Object Chapter 14 Working with index Server Chapter 15 Third - Party Components Chapter 16 Creating Windows Script Components Chapter 17 Creating Custom Components with Visual Basic Chapter 18 Creating Custom Components with Visual C++ Chapter 19 Understanding Windows DNA Chapter 20 Using ASP With Microsoft Transaction Server Chapter 21 Using ASP with Microsoft Message Queue Server Chapter 22 Securing Your Web Site Chapter 23 Maintaining ASP Web sites Chapter 24 Maximizing Active Server Pages performance Chapter 25 Future Directions :Windows 2000,IIS 5.0 and Active Server Pages Chapter 26 Creating a Discussion Forum Chapter 28 Creating and Online Store Chapter 29 Creating a Job site Appendices - A : Frequently Asked Question About Active Server Pages B : ASP Objects and Components References C : VBScript Reference D : SQL Reference Index