Gruman G



Wiley India Pvt Ltd.

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9788126506033

ISBN-10 8126506032


Language (English)

Computer Books

Written by a respected InDesign and QuarkXPress expert, this title is packed with real-world insights from publishing pros who use InDesign in critical projects, this brand-new edition of the Adobe InDesign Bible will will show users the program's innovative architecture and functionality, and will tell them everything they need to know to get up to speed. Whether experienced designers, a novices, or somewhere in between, readers will find all the real-world tips and techniques they're looking for in this comprehensive reference. Table of contents : Foreword Preface Acknowledgments Introduction InDesign QuickStart Part I: Welcome to InDesign What InDesign Can Do for You A Tour of InDesign Getting InDesign Ready to Go Part II: Document Fundamentals Creating, Opening, and Saving Documents Working with Pages Working with Layers Creating Layout Standards Defining Colors and Gradients Part III: Object Fundamentals Adding Text Frames, Graphics Frames, and Lines Manipulating Objects Orchestrating Objects Timesaving Techniques Part IV: Text Fundamentals Preparing Text Files for Import Working with Text Flowing Text through a Document Specifying Character Attributes Specifying Paragraph Attributes Creating Special Text Formatting Setting Up Styles Setting Up Tabs and Tables Part V: Graphics Fundamentals Preparing Graphics for Import Importing Graphics Modifying Imported Graphics Special Effects for Graphics Drawing Free-Form Shapes and Curved Paths Modifying Shapes and Paths Treating Text as Artwork Part VI: Output Fundamentals Preparing for Color Prepress Preparing for Printing Printing Techniques Creating Output Files Part VII: Specialty Publishing Techniques Book and Long-Document Publishing Interactive Document Setup Working with XML Working with Others Using Plug-Ins Using Scripts Part VIII: Introduction to Publishing The Publishing Environment Layout Theory and Practice Typography Theory and Practice Using Special Characters Color Fundamentals Part IX: Appendixes. Appendix A: Installing or Upgrading InDesign Appendix B: What?s New in InDesign CS2 Appendix C: Switching from QuarkXPress Appendix D: Switching from PageMaker Appendix E: Using Adobe InCopy CS2 Appendix F: More Resources Appendix G: Shortcuts Cheat Sheet Index