ISBN 9788170294856,Advanced MS DOS Programming

Advanced MS DOS Programming


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BPB Publications

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788170294856

ISBN-10 8170294851


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Product Description This guide addresses key programming topics, including character devices, mass storage, memory management and process management. The reference section details each MS-DOS function call and interrupt and the BIOS interrupts. New and expanded material in this edition includes, system functions for all current versions of MS-DOS, ROM BIOS information for fixed disk, EGA, VGA, PC/AT and PS/2, version 4.0 of the Lotus/Intel/Microsoft expanded memory specification, writing "well-behaved" versus "hardware-dependent" applications, and compatibility considerations for OS/2.   Contents PROGRAMMING FOR MS-DOS Genealogy of MS-DOS MS-DOS in Operation Structure of MS-DOS Application Programs MS-DOS Programming Tools Keyboard and Mouse Input Video Display Printer and Serial Port File Management Volumes and Directories Disk Internals Memory Management The EXEC Function Interrupt Handlers Installable Device Drivers Filters Compatibility and Portability MS-DOS FUNCTIONS REFERENCE IBM ROM BIOS AND MOUSE FUNCTIONS REFERENCE LOTUS/INTEL/MICROSOFT EMS FUNCTIONS REFERENCE