ISBN 9780071071017,Advertising Media Planning

Advertising Media Planning



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780071071017

ISBN-10 0071071016


Edition 7th
Number of Pages 332 Pages
Language (English)


The industry standard for 30 years updated to include the newest developments in digitization and the three screens of video Apply the latest advertising technologies Build your brand in every medium Create the right budget for each campaign Through six previous editions, Advertising Media Planning has proven essential to the success of both practicing and aspiring media planners. Now in its seventh edition, it continues to provide valuable insight into the construction of media plans that most effectively achieve marketing objectives. Advertising Media Planning, seventh edition, retains all the critical information you need to know about traditional media including TV, radio, and print--while exploring the latest media forms, illustrated with major advertiser case histories. You'll find comprehensive coverage of the latest media planning and digital technologies, Including: Organic and sponsored Google search Digital out-of-home video Internet banners Computerized media channel planning Cell phone mobile-media DVR's impact on TV commercial viewing New online and traditional media measurement technologies Interactive television Cross-media planning Data fusion International competitive spending analysis This is an exciting time for media planners. Those with the most creativity, strategic insight, and knowledge of the market are sure to find the greatest rewards. Providing firm grounding on the fundamentals and bringing you up to speed on the latest developments in digitization, this updated classic is the best and most complete companion available for navigating the new frontier of media planning. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1. Introduction to Media Planning: The Art of Matching Media to the Advertiser's Marketing Needs Chapter 2. Sample Media Plan Presentation Chapter 3. The Relationship Among Media, Advertising, and Consumers Chapter 4. Basic Measurements and Calculations Chapter 5. Advanced Measurements and Calculations Chapter 6. Marketing Strategy and Media Planning Chapter 7. Strategy Planning I: Who, Where, and When Chapter 8. Strategy Planning II: Weighting, Reach, Frequency, and Scheduling Chapter 9. Selecting Media Classes: Inter media Comparisons Chapter 10. Principles of Planning Media Strategy Chapter 11. Evaluating and Selecting Media Vehicles Chapter 12. Media Costs and Buying Problems Chapter 13. Setting and Allocating the Budget Chapter 14. Testing, Experimenting, and Media Planning