ISBN 9780865778078,Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery: A Multidisciplinary Approach



Thieme Medical Publishers

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9780865778078

ISBN-10 0865778078


Number of Pages 608 Pages
Language (English)


This beautifully illustrated new book represents the state-of-the-art in facial cosmetic surgery, offering a unique multidisciplinary approach.

In providing a comprehensive treatment of all the topics in facial cosmetic surgery, the book draws on the skills and talents of the leading practitioners in dermatology, plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, and oculoplastic surgery. Every procedure presented is tackled by physicians from two different specialties, each bringing their own insights to the problem at hand. In every case, these specialists are pioneers and leaders in their field of aesthetic facial surgery.

Beautifully illustrated with more than 750 illustrations (over 640 in full color), Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery is a book that has to be seen to be believed. The book provides extensive photodocumentation of surgical procedures and pre- and postoperative results, as well as schematic illustrations by a single artist.

Table of Contents
I. Preoperative Evaluation.
II. Imaging. III. Anesthesia.
IV. Rhinoplasty.
V. Revision Rhinoplasty.
VI. Facelift.
VII. Browlift.
VIII. Blepharoplasty.
IX. Revision Blepharoplasty.
X. Facial Implants.
XI. Facial Resurfacing.
XII. Otoplasty.
XIII. Hair Restoration.
XIV. Cosmetology: An Adjunct to Aesthetic Facial Surgery.
XV. The Pursuit of Excellence in Facial Plastic Surgery.