ISBN 9788183243926,Agri-business & Rural Management Set Of 9 Part

Agri-business & Rural Management Set Of 9 Part


Rais Ahmad



Mittal Publications

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788183243926

ISBN-10 8183243924


Language (English)

Agriculture & farming

Agriculture is the back bone of Indian economy. Itprovidessignificant support for economic growth and development ofthecountry. India is a worlds largest agrarian economy. Now only52per cent of workforce is engaged in agriculture sector. It isalsoseen that the investment in agriculture sector isrecordingincreasing trends. In this era of globalization,liberalization andprivatization the significance of agri-businessmanagement andrural development has been well recognized and theinvestment inthese sectors has been increasing regularly by the bigbusinesshouses and the Government. As a result of thisemploymentopportunities in rural areas are increasing and workforcemigrationto urban areas is also declining. Central/StateGovernments arerunning a number of programmes aiming atagricultural and ruraldevelopment, and alleviation of poverty fromrural areas. Small andmarginal farmers are getting betteropportunities to have betterprice for their produce as agro-foodprocessing industries aresharply coming up in the country.
The present book "AGRI-BUSINESS AND RURAL MANAGEMENT" hasdealtwith great clarity, the various implications ofAgri-BusinessManagement and Rural Management. This volume of booksincorporates183 articles/research papers contributed by scholarswho belong todifferent Universities, Colleges and Institutionsincluding somecontributors from foreign countries. The contributorshavepresented their views analytically are connected with thedifferentaspects of Agricultural Business and Rural Management. Thepaperscontributed for this volume have been grouped in differentSectionssuch as: 1. Food Security and Food Processing, 2.AgriculturalDevelopment and Environment, 3. Rural Development andManagement,4. Agricultural and Rural Marketing, 5. Special EconomicZones, 6.Cooperatives, Dairy, Poultry and Weaving Industry,7.Bio-Technology Business Management, 8. Contract Farming andFarmingSystem and 9. Tourism and others. Surely this book will bequiteuseful for policy makers, researchers, academicians, bankers,NGOsand all those who directly or indirectly are connectedwithagri-business and rural management.