ISBN 9788121504393,Aligarh District: A Historical Survey; (From Ancient Times To 1803 A. D.)

Aligarh District: A Historical Survey; (From Ancient Times To 1803 A. D.)



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1981

ISBN 9788121504393

ISBN-10 8121504392

Hard Back

Number of Pages 362 Pages
Language (English)


rong seat of the Delhi government. Koil appears as a shiqq and khitta in the early medieval sources. From Akbar's time till 1803, it held the administrative status of sarkar, whose limits were bigger than the present District. Being a centre of indigo-plantation and saltpeter, Aligarh was frequently visited by foreign travelers and Factors. Taking advantage of the disintegration of the Mughal empire, Jats, Marathas, Ruhelas, Nawab-Vazir and Bangash Nawabs all ravaged the territory of Koil. Replacement of the Rajputs by the Jats, as zamindar-clan of the District, is one of the important events of the 18th century Aligarh. The establishment of the British rule over the District was so valiantly opposed by the local chief. that it is still preserved in the folkless and songs. The author has tried to present a connected history of the District. The survey aims at being a thorough enquiry into local history in all it's a aspects based on the entire variety of sources that can be discovered. Aligarh's association with the Braj culture has come out to be conclusively proved after a thorough-going investigation of the various cultural affinities, existing