ISBN 9788174090266,An Introduction to Modern Steel Making

An Introduction to Modern Steel Making


R.H. Tupkary


Khanna Publisher



Khanna Publisher


ISBN 9788174090266

ISBN-10 8174090266

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Edition 7th
Number of Pages 517 Pages
Language (English)


An attempt has been made to cover, as the space would permit, the entire field of Steel making with equal emphasis on the general practices and the underlying principles. Besides the usual major steel making processes, mention has also been made about the recently developed processes of steel making to indicate recent advances and future trends in steel-making Technology. The main purpose of writing this book is to provide textbook for the undergraduate students of metallurgy or metallurgical engineering, especially in India, since their requirements are not met by any one book available in the market on steel making Those appearing for the examination conducted by professional bodies like the Indian Institute of Metals or the Institution of Engineers (India) may find it equally useful. The practical steel making and the steel plant executives may also find it useful as a ready made first reference for their occasional problems. As far as possible the book has been updated without loosing its brevity, to make readers conversant with the modern steel making technology and latest trends therein.

Table of Contents
* Introduction * Commercial bulk steelmaking processes * Refining slags * Principles of steelmaking * Raw materials * Efficiency of steelmaking processes * Lay-outs of steelmaking shop * Pneumatic processes * Open hearth furnace processes * Recent heath processes * Electric arc furnace process * Alloy steelmaking-conventional electric furnace practices *Approach of modern steelmaking * Modern electric arc furnance process * LD process-Plant and equipment * LD process-design and practice * Further developments in LD process * Rotating BOF processes * Oxygen bottom blowing processes (OBM) * Modern BOF (Hybrid) Processes * Electric furnace process vis-a-vis BOF steelmaking *Secondary steelmaking processes * Casting pit practice * Solidification of steel in ingot moulds * Ingot defects and remedies * Gases in steel * Vacuum treatment of liquid steel * Continuous casting of steel * Commentary on practical steelmaking * Modern steel plant management practices * Indian steel industry