ISBN 9789381239261,And Promises Left Broken

And Promises Left Broken


Preeti Sharma


Zorba Publishers



Zorba Publishers

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381239261

ISBN-10 9381239266


Number of Pages 168 Pages
Language (English)

Love and Romance

Today love stories from a male point of view abound but few from a female point of view. A girl knows that if its hard for a man in love to move on then its much, much harder for a woman to move on, specially when she and the one she has fallen for, is a very good friend of hers.

This is a true story, of two friends (names changed) and how friendship between the two steadily gets deeper & eventually they fall madly in love with each other. When out of the blue a small incident breaks this idyllic existence and turns their whole life topsy turvy. They are now forced to stay apart. Will they ever meet, will they ever get together? Follow this heart rending tale of 2 young people in love, their agony, pain and the joy they experience. Does adversity break their spirit or can their love overcome it?