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Andy Leelu




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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788192066950

ISBN-10 8192066959


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Leelu was a bad boy - irredeemably bad. He hated books and rebelled against authority. Death seemed to be conspiring to hunt him down. Though this ominous fear bothered those, who cared about him, he was always on a trip of his own, running away whenever cornered. The world was his hideout. A sleepy village forgotten by the rest of the world was struggling to sift out it?s reality from its dreams. It was visited by cholera and famine in turn, while the country basked in the glory of a hard-won freedom. That was the India of the sixties. Notoriety notwithstanding, Leelu's unmatched courage earned him the title of Andy. While India fought its two wars, the crusader in Leelu threw in the gauntlet. He won and disappeared leaving behind a scar, some hearsay and a string of unanswered questions. There is a Leelu in everyone, straining to revolt against tyranny. Leelu may not live but Andy Leelu does. Know his story.?

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