ISBN 9789351380504,Angst and Hope- In Contemporary Indian English Fiction

Angst and Hope- In Contemporary Indian English Fiction


Trinity Press



Trinity Press

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351380504

ISBN-10 9351380505


Number of Pages 138 Pages
Language (English)

Contemporary Women

This anthology is a compendium of essays on Contemporary Indian English Fiction, tracing angst and hope that the various characters experience in their interpersonal relationships. Angst or anxiety draws our attention to the origin and meaning of evil. Hope becomes meaningful in the context of anxiety, dread or despair. Angst and hope are part and parcel of human existence. If life is to be lived purposefully, it calls for an integration of these two aspects in life. Indian English fiction has come of age with fictionists of different sense and sensibilities such as - Jhumpa Lahiri Aravind Adiga, Vikram Swarup, Jayanta Mahapatra, Tania James, Manju Kapur, Easterine Iralu, Temsula Ao and others, exploring human predicament in its multiple dimensions. Some have been very articulate in expressing their anguish, others more metaphorical; yet all of them have given realistic expression to their thoughts and feelings in their narratives.