ISBN 9788126528806,Applied Finite Element Analysis

Applied Finite Element Analysis



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788126528806

ISBN-10 812652880X


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 448 Pages
Language (English)

Civil Engineering

Table Of Contents
Part One: Basic Concepts
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: One-Dimensional Linear Element
Chapter 3: A Finite Element Example
Chapter 4: Element Matrices: Galerkin Formulation
Chapter 5: Two-Dimensional Elements
Chapter 6: Coordinate Systems
Part Two: Field Problems
Chapter 7: Two-Dimensional Field Equation
Chapter 8: Torsion of Noncircular Section
Chapter 9: Derivative Boundary Conditions: Point Sources and Skins
Chapter 10: Irrotational Flow
Chapter 11: Heat Transfer by Conduction and convection
Chapter 12: Acoustical Vibrations
Chapter 13: Axisymmetric Field Problems
Chapter 14: Time-Dependent Field Problems: Theoretical Considerations
Chapter 15: Time-Dependent Field Problems: Practical Considerations
Chapter 16: Computer Program for Two-Dimensional Field Problems
Part Three: Structural and Solid Mechanics
Chapter 17: The Axial Force Member
Chapter 18: Element Matrices; Potential Energy Formulations
Chapter 19: The Truss Element
Chapter 20: A Beam Element
Chapter 21: A Plane Frame Element
Chapter 22: Theory of Elasticity
Chapter 23: Two-Dimensional Elasticity
Chapter 24: Axisymmetric Elasticity
Chapter 25: Computer Program for Structural and Solid Mechanics
Part Four: Linear and Quadratic Elements
Chapter 26: Element Shape Functions
Chapter 27: Element Matrices
Chapter 28: Isoparametric Computer Programs
Appendix 1: Matrix Notation
Appendix 2: Differentiation of Matrix Equations
Appendix 3: Modifying the System of Equations
Answers to Selected Problems