ISBN 9780070706552,Applied Mathematics For Business, Economics And The Social Sciences

Applied Mathematics For Business, Economics And The Social Sciences



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070706552

ISBN-10 0070706557


Edition 4th
Number of Pages 1132 Pages
Language (English)

Applied mathematics

This edition continues to provide an informal, non-intimidating presentation of the mathematical principles, techniques, and applications most useful for students in business, economics, management,-and the life and social sciences. Designed pri-marily for a two-term course in applied mathematics (the book can be adapted easily for a one-term course) it provides a comprehensive treatment of selected topics in finite mathematics and calculus. Salient Features An increased orientation toward using the COMPUTER AS A TOOL for mathematical analysis. ALGEBRA FLASHBACKS are used throughout the book to assist the student in the recall of key rules or concepts. The flashback usually con-sists of a restatement of a rule or concept with a reference to appropriate sections of algebra review in the text. NOTES TO THE STUDENT which provide special insights about a mathematical concept or application. POINTS FOR THOUGHT AND DISCUSSION" which allow students to pause for a moment and reconsider a choicest or example from a differ-ent perspective. Their purpose is to reinforce and extend the student's understanding inducing critical thinking. TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface EQUATIONS AND FUNCTIONS Chapter 1 Some Preliminaries Chapter 2 Linear Equations Chapter 3 Systems Of Linear Equations Chapter 4 Mathematical Functions Chapter 5 Linear Functions: Applications Chapter 6 Quadratic And Polynomial Functions Chapter 7 Exponential And Logarithmic Functions FINITE MATHEMATICS Chapter 8 Mathematics Of Finance Chapter 9 Matrix Algebra Chapter 10 Linear Programming: An Introduction Chapter 11 The Simplex And 'Computer Solution Methods Chapter 12 Transportation And Assignment Models Chapter 13 Introduction To Probability Theory Chapter 14 Probability Distributions THE CALCULUS Chapter 15 Differentiation Chapter 16 Optimization: Methodology Chapter 17 Optimization: Applications Chapter 18 Integral Calculus: An Introduction Chapter 19 Integral Calculus: Applications Chapter 20 Optimization: Functions Of Several Variables COMPOUND - INTEREST TABLES T-I Appendix A A Review Of Algebra (Optional) A-I Algebra Pretest