ISBN 9780007199068,Are You Afraid Of The Dark ?

Are You Afraid Of The Dark ?


Harper Collins



Harper Collins

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780007199068

ISBN-10 0007199066


Number of Pages 401 Pages
Language (English)


This book is the last novel by Sidney Sheldon. Summary Of The Book Four scientists are killed, in different cities across the world, in different ways. The only link between them is that they were all doing research work for a major research company, Kingsley International Group (KIG). The wife of one of the scientists was a prime witness in a mob trial. So, when the police okbring news of her husband, Richard Steven's death, killed mob style, Diane Stevens feels devastated and guilty. She is convinced that her testifying against the mob boss is the cause of her husband's death. Meanwhile, Kelly Harris, beautiful African-American supermodel, learns of the death of her husband. Mark Harris. He too was a scientist working for KIG. Diane and Kelly meet and form an uneasy acquaintance. When they discover their lives are in danger, they grow closer. Initially, Diane suspects the mob boss against whom she gave evidence. But soon they find out that he is dying and he personally assures them that he has nothing to do with the attempts on their lives. Gradually, the two women begin to link the deaths of the four scientists, and begin to ask questions. Tanner Kingsley the head of KIG does not like the women's interest in his affairs. But the women slowly uncover a fantastic plot that could have global impact, and try to blow the whistle on the Kingsley boss. But, they have to escape his henchmen and stay alive first. A fast paced thriller, with a plot involving a top flight international think tank, environmental research, one man's hunger for power and a conspiracy that involves people in high places. And two beautiful, intelligent women who must use their wits to beat their powerful enemies. About Sidney Sheldon Sidney Sheldon was a popular American novelist and scriptwriter. Other Books by Sidney Sheldon - The Naked Face, The Other Side of Midnight, A Stranger in the Mirror, Bloodline, Rage of Angels, Master of the Game, If Tomorrow Comes, Windmills of the Gods, The Sands of Time, Memories of Midnight, and The Doomsday Conspiracy. His protagonists were mostly intelligent women caught up in tough situations. Sidney Sheldon was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1917. He began his career writing musicals for the Broadway stage and writing screenplays for Hollywood studios. He started writing novels when he was in his fifties. His first novel, Naked Face, was a bestseller and soon he became one of the most popular novelists in the world.