ISBN 9788121508117,Ariana Antiqua: A Descriptive Account Of The Antiquities And Coins Of Afghanistan With A Memoir On The Buildings Called Topes By C.Masson

Ariana Antiqua: A Descriptive Account Of The Antiquities And Coins Of Afghanistan With A Memoir On The Buildings Called Topes By C.Masson



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1997

ISBN 9788121508117

ISBN-10 8121508118

Hard Back

Number of Pages 512 Pages
Language (English)

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Chap. I : account of the progress of bactro-indian numismatic and antiquarian discovery, and observations on the edifices, called topes descriptive list of lithographed antiquities: plates i to iv chap. Ii : memoir on the topes and sepulchral monuments of afghanistan : by c. Masson, esq topes and sepulchral monuments of jelalabad sect. I. Topes, and c. Of darunta 1. Topes of kotpur 2. Topes of passani 3. Topes of bimaran 4. Topes of deh rahman 5. Surkh tope, or the red tope 6. Nandara topes 7. Tope gudara 8. Tope of bar robat 9. Tope of sultanpur 10. Concluding observations on the topes of darunta 11. Tumuli of darunta 12. Group of tumuli about the topes of passani 13. Group of tumuli at bimaran 14. Group of tumuli near surkh tope 15. Group of tumuli at nandara tope 16. Isolated or ungrouped tumuli 17. Caves of darunta 18. Tumulus or tappa ashrak 19. Tappa khwaja lahoree sect. Ii : topes and sepulchral monuments of chahar bagh 1. Tumuli of chahar bagh iii. Topes and sepulchral monuments of hidda 1. Tumulus or tappa kelan of hidda 2. Caves of hidda 3. Funereal jars of hidda 4. Idols, and c. Of hidda iv. Topes of kabul v. Topes of koh daman and the kohistan 1. Topes of kohwat in the district of wardak chap. Iii : ancient notices of ariana : the country between persia and india, with re-marks upon alexander's march from the former towards the latter chap. Iv : of the sovereign dynasties of bactria and the conterminous countries, from the death of alexander the great to the mohammedan invasion of with descriptions of their coins. Sect. 1. Greek dynasties : 1. Theodotus i 2. Theodotus ii 3. Euthydemus 4. Demetrius 5. Eukratides a. On the arianian alphabet 1. Heliokles 2. Lysias 3. Amyntas 4. Agathokleia 5. Antimachus 6. Philoxenes 7. Antialkides 8. Archebius sect. 1. Menander 1. Apollodotus 2. Diomedes 3. Hermaeus 4. Agathokles 5. Pantaleon sect. Ii. Barbaric kings 1. Su-hermaeus-kadaphes-kadphises (i) coins of the sakas or sai (?) (ii) coins of uncertain names 2. Mayes 3. Palirisus 4. Spalyrius 5. Azilises 6. Azes 7. Great king of kings, the preserver sect. Iii. Indo-parthian dynasty : 1. Vonones 2. Undopherres 3. Gondophares 4. Abagasus 5. Kodes or hyrkodes 6. Miscellaneous arsacidan kings sect. Iv. Indo-scythian princrs of kabul : 1. Kadphises 2. Kanerki or kanerkou 3. Kenorano 4. Ooerki 5. Baraoro, varaoro, varahran, or behram (?) 6. Uncertain or 'ardokro' coins of the indo-scythic series sect. V. Coins of sassanian kings 1. Sassanian coins 2. Tope coins 3. Indo-sassanian coins 4. Later sassanian coins sect. Vi. Hindu coins : 1. Saurashtran coins 2. Buddhist coins 3. Gupta coins 4. Rajput coins 5. Indo-mohammedan coins 6. Later kanoj. Hindu and indo-mohammedan coins mohammedan coins of ghizni and ghor conclusion