ISBN 9780070660328,Audhinik Bharat Ka Itihaas: Civil Seva Pariksha Hetu

Audhinik Bharat Ka Itihaas: Civil Seva Pariksha Hetu



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780070660328

ISBN-10 0070660328


Language (Hindi)


Audhinik Bharat Ka Itihaas: Civil Seva Pariksha Hetu (Hindi) surveys Indian History from eighteenth century to 1947. This book deals with the nature of British imperialism and the policies pursued by it and their impact on the Indian economy, society and culture. It presents an elaborate description of a variety of substantial occurrences in the modish Indian history, starting with the British supremacy over the Indian region. The book consists of two parts first part deals with the provincial rule and its effect on India. The establishment of British Rule in India describes the 18th century society economic and political systems effecting the social situations which enable a company of foreign merchants "The Britisher" to conquer India. It explains how India was exploited economically in the name of business and investment by the British colonial rule. It explores topic like opposition of the British Empire, the provincial economy, and the cultural, social outcomes of British rule and Economy 1858- 1914. The second part covers revolution for freedom. It discusses patriotism of early India, Gandhi's leadership guiding nationalism, national movement agitation, and the ultimate war for independence. Eight appendices ends the book providing the English kingship details, India's Independence celebrities, names of official governing heads and particulars of Indian Congress sessions. The book Audhinik Bharat Ka Itihaas: Civil Seva Pariksha Hetu (Hindi) is a Hindi edition of History of Modern India: for Civil Service Exams is written by Mohammad Tarique in 2008. It provides a concise coverage of the country's history as it progressed gradually towards its emergence as an independent nation. Audhinik Bharat Ka Itihaas: Civil Seva Pariksha Hetu (Hindi) is well-liked by students of History and those preparing for Civil Service Exam and also readers who are keen to know Indian history. The emphasis is on providing precise information required for UPSC and other state civil service exams. About Mohammad Tarique Mohammad Tarique is working as a Deputy Director in Centre for Coaching and Career Planning, Jamia Milia Islamia University. Tarique's books are Modern Indian History: For Civil Services Examinations an English version of the above book, Financing Human Development in India. He had given many Seminars on topics related to Indian history. He had also presented 18 different lectures on Indian National television. The book is written in an obvious and lucid manner. The informative manual is written in a very simple and engrossing tone. Tarique completed his M.A. in 1991 from Jamia Millia Islamia University and Diploma in archival studies from National Archives of India in 1992. He had accomplished certificate in Persian language. He has also been a guest, faculty to Jammu And Kashmir University and has over 18 years experience in teaching history. He currently resides in Delhi.