ISBN 9780879305185,AutoLISP Treasure Chest: Programming Gems, Cool Routines, and Useful Utilities

AutoLISP Treasure Chest: Programming Gems, Cool Routines, and Useful Utilities



Elsevier Publishing Company

Publication Year 1998

ISBN 9780879305185

ISBN-10 0879305185


Number of Pages 396 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering: general

Create enhanced AutoCAD edit tools customized to your needs Program engineering and design intelligence into AutoCAD using automated drawing routines Improve productivity with tools for managment of operations Discover programming utilities that can solve complex problems Make your programs easier to use and more productive through effective use of dialog boxes This book and disk features a wide-ranging collection of tips, techniques, and examples for AutoLISP programmers at all levels. Beginners can get a jump start into using AutoLISP, and advanced programmers can use this as a resource to find the components they need for each project. The companion disk is packed with more than 650 functions, tools, and utilities, including: Ready-to-use functions for math, string manipulations, file access, list manipulation, and AutoCAD objects control Programming tools and utilities ;

This book with disk is the definitive guide for achieving maximum AutoCAD efficiency through AutoLISP. Expert-tested tips and techniques help readers create enhanced AutoCAD edit tools; program engineering and design intelligence into AutoCAD; improve productivity with tools for operations management; effectively use dialog boxes; and more.