ISBN 9780198079521,Automatic Control Systems: Basic Analysis and Design

Automatic Control Systems: Basic Analysis and Design



Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780198079521

ISBN-10 0198079524

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Number of Pages 450 Pages
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Complex analysis

The ultimate objective of any controls text is to teach students how to achieve the best possible design. In this new text, Wolovich integrates classical and modern techniques, systematically develops all the background material necessary to achieve the best possible design, and stresses flexibility to attain this goal.
All the relevant controls topics are presented in a clear pedagogical sequence beginning with the equivalence of system descriptions, followed by coverage of performance goals and tests, and concluding with some new and innovative design methods for achieving the goals independent of the particular system description.
Each chapter has a Summary and Problems, except Chapter 11
Introduction and Historical Perspective
Part I: Dynamical System Representations
2: Differential Operator and State-Space Models
3: The Transfer Function/Matrix
4: Dynamical Response
Part II: Performance Goals and Tests
5: General Control and Nominal Stability
6: Loop Goals
7: Response Goals
Part III: Compensation
8: Classical Control Techniques
9: Modern Control Techniques
Matrix/Vector Algebra
B. Laplace Transforms and Polynomial Algebra