ISBN 9780070636446,Bangalore Tiger

Bangalore Tiger



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780070636446

ISBN-10 0070636443


Number of Pages 288 Pages
Language (English)


Hamm reveals Wipro 's extraordinary business model, how it revolves around low costs, high quality, motivated employees, superior management, and streamlined processes. An essential read for managers, consultants, and executives at any company, Bangalore Tiger is a blueprint for quality improvement, increased efficiency, and tangible bottom-line results. It removes the shroud of secrecy around Indian management principles and shows how companies around the world can achieve market leadership by applying them. Table of content :- Part I. Taking On the West Chapter 1. Why Wipro Matters Chapter 2. A Textbook Case of Transformation Chapter 3. How to Lead In Multiple Markets Chapter 4. Growth: Keep A Thousand Fires Burning Part II. People Principles to Lead by Chapter 5. Adopt Ultrastrict Ethics to Build a Sterling Brand Chapter 6. Educate New Hires and Hold Ongoing Training Chapter 7. Solicit Suggestions and Even Critiques from Employees Chapter 8. Reward Employees with Recognition and Respect Chapter 9. Spend the Minimum on Frills and Perks Chapter 10. Build a Foundation of Veterans but Refresh Your Team with Outsiders Part III. Build On Core Competencies Chapter 11. Measure Everything Constantly Chapter 12. Plan Three Years Ahead To Prepare For Rapid Growth Chapter 13. Invent New Things Everyday, Or Else Chapter 14. Adopt the Best Ideas, and then Make Your Own Way Chapter 15. Be Obsessive about Customers Chapter 16. Use Up-Tempo Management To Boost Performance Part IV. Success Stories: How Wipro Did It Chapter 17. How Wipro Supports Aviva 's Growing Insurance Empire Chapter 18. How Wipro Helps Texas Instruments Pave the World with Silicon Section V. How to Inject the Tiger in Your Own Company Chapter 19. Learning from Wipro: How to Improve Quality and Cut Costs Chapter 20. Motivating Employees the Wipro Way Chapter 21. Innovation: The Key to Competitiveness

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