ISBN 9780071328968,Basic Electrical Engineering

Basic Electrical Engineering



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780071328968

ISBN-10 0071328963


Number of Pages 880 Pages
Language (English)

Electrical engineering

This book provides a solid overview of electrical engineering principles geared for both electrical as well as non-electrical engineering students. With the liberal use of practical illustrations and numerous exercises, it offers an unparalleled exposure to Electricity Fundamentals, Network Theory, Electromagnetism, Electric Machines, Transformers and Measuring Instruments. Salient Features Covers entire spectrum of Basic Electrical Engineering from the fundamentals to measuring instruments in a single volume. Special focus on step-by-step and tutorial approach for solved examples. 16 Lab experiments included in the text. Rich pool of pedagogy:. 540 Solved examples. 530 Review exercises. 425 Objective-type questions. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Ohm's Law 3. Network Analysis 4. Network Theorems 5. Electromagnetism 6. Magnetic Circuits 7. Self and Mutual Inductances 8. Dc Transients 9. Alternating Voltage and Current 10. Ac Circuits 11. Resonance in Ac Circuits 12. Three-Phase Circuits and Systems 13. Transformers 14. Alternators And synchronous Motors 15. Induction Motors 16. Dc Machines 17. Fractional Horsepower Motors 18. Electrical Measuring Instruments 19. Electrical Installation and Illumination