ISBN 9789384007423,Basic Electromagnetic Theory : Medtec Introductoryphysics Series

Basic Electromagnetic Theory : Medtec Introductoryphysics Series


Medtech USA



Medtech USA

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789384007423

ISBN-10 9384007420

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Number of Pages 200 Pages
Language (English)

Electrical engineering

Basic Electromagnetic Theory is designed as a concise introduction to electromagnetic field theory emphasising the physical foundations of the subject. It is aimed at an undergraduate readership, primarily physics students. It has been based on the author s experience both as a former field theorist (working on quantom field theories, quantum electrodynamics and Casimir physics and currently as an applied optical physicist. As such, it covers much material from the standard university syllabus. Additionally, however, it develops a number of themes in greater detail, so as to cover a number of non-standard topics that provide a fuller understanding of the subject, by filling in gaps sometimes encountered in other texts. A key aspect to the book is the macroscopic approach to the subject from the outset. Most readers will have some familiarity with the standard mathematics employed, but a review chapter is provided at the beginning to help give some guidance on these topics as they are used throughout the book