ISBN 9780074519653,Basic Electronics And Linear Circuits

Basic Electronics And Linear Circuits



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 1983

ISBN 9780074519653

ISBN-10 0074519654


Number of Pages 490 Pages
Language (English)


This book is a self-sufficient text for diploma students and for core courses at degree colleges. The re - refreshingly new approach integrates theory with practical and tutorial work. Tutorial questions and practical exercises are given at the end of each chapter. All the circuits used for the practicals have been tested. The subject is developed in gradual, simple step. The treatment is non-mathematical and easily understandable. The book is the result of the skill experience of three teachers selected by TTTI, Chandigarh. Key features More emphasis has been given to semiconductor devices adn their applications; only a passing reference is made to vacuum tube circuits as they have a shrinking future. Each chapter starts with its objectives. This enables the student to know what is expected of him after he goes through the chapter. The subject is explained in an easy-to-understand language, without using advanced mathematics. Profuse use of illustrations makes the apparently complex points easily understandable. A large number of solved problems are included so as to help the student in applying the principles in practice. A set of Review Questions and Objective-Type Questions provided at the end of each unit helps the student in self-evaluation. Two to three tutorial sheets are provided at the end of each unit. Each tutorial sheet contains a set of three of four numerical problems (along with their answers); they can be solved by the students in about an hour shile sitting in the classroom. The teachers will thus have a ready set of problems for tutorial work. Experimental Exercises given at the end of each unit provide the student an opportunity to design experiments in the laboratory. They can then conduct the experiments so as to reinforce their theoretical knowledge. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 Introduction to Electronics. Chapter 2 Current and Voltage Sources. Chapter 3 Semiconductor Physics. Chapter 4 Semiconductor Diode. Chapter 5 Transistor. Chapter 6 Vacuum Tubes. Chapter 7 Transistor Biasing and Stabilization Of Operating Point. Chapter 8 Small - Signal Amplifiers. Chapter 9 Multistage Amplifiers. Chapter 10 Power Amplifiers. Chapter 11 Tuned - Voltage Amplifier. Chapter 12 Feedback in Amplifiers. Chapter 13 Oscillators. Chapter 14 Electronic Instruments.