ISBN 9788190505055,Be Practical

Be Practical



Narendra Publishing House

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788190505055

ISBN-10 819050505X


Language (English)


This story is about a boy who belongs to the middle class family. He has his own logics to justify things. He considers himself as very practical in each and every deed. He believes that in emotional matters person should be practical. In emotional matters when others think from heart he thinks from mind. This practicalizm is much more implementable on the better half of the society due to their more inclination towards emotions. But when he comes across the best creature of GOD he found himself very small on practical front. About the Author Ashok K. Sharma is working as a Software as a Software engineering Trainer with a private institute in Delhi. He has done his diploma in Computer. Though a software professional, he is more interested in getting to know about people rather than technologies. He doesn't like complexities. After completing his course, instead of going for job of a software developer, he preferred to be a trainer in a private institute. In his long tenure of 8 years, 3 years as a student and 5 years as a trainer, he has had a very close eye on the life of a student there. During his tenure, he witnessed many unusual incidents. Among them a few happened to him and the rest happened in his surroundings.