ISBN 9789381970843,BEGE 104 English For Business Communication

BEGE 104 English For Business Communication



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381970843

ISBN-10 938197084X


Number of Pages 247 Pages
Language (English)


BEGE 104 English for Business Communication CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 RecruitmentI Unit1 Getting Ready for the Job Market Unit2 Preparing a Portfolio Unit3 Responding to Advertisements Unit4 Writing a CV and Letter of Application Block 2 RecruitmentII Unit1 Preparing for Interviews Unit2 Facing Interviews Unit3 Phone and Walkin Interviews Unit4 Group Discussions Block 3 Business Etiquette and Profiles Unit1 Greetings Unit2 Importance of Small Talk in Business Unit3 Business Organisations Unit4 Jobs and Responsibilities Block 4 Using Telephone at the Workplace Unit1 Features of Telephone Communication Unit2 Making arrangements and Appointments Unit3 Leaving and taking messages Unit4 Voice Mail, Video Conferencing and Conference Calls Block 5 Writing Skills: Internal and External Business Correspondence Unit1 Modes of Communication Unit2 Internal Business CorrespondenceI Unit3 Internal Business CorrespondenceII Unit4 External Business CorrespondenceI Unit5 External Business CorrespondenceII Block 6 Making Presentations at the Workplace Unit1 Presentation SkillsI: Essentials of Presentation Skills Unit2 Presentation SkillsII: Outlines and Structures Unit3 Presentation SkillsIII: Using visual aids Unit4 Presentation SkillsIV: The ending Unit5 Telephone Presentations Block 7 Participating in Meetings at the Workplace Unit1 Setting the Agenda and Planning a Meeting Unit2 Types of Meetin Unit3 Conducting and Participating in MeetingsI: Role of the Chairperson Unit4 Conducting and Participating in MeetingsII Block 8 Proposals and Reports Unit1 Basic Features of Proposals Unit2 Project Proposals Unit3 ReportsI Unit4 ReportsII QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper Dec 2012 2. Question Paper June 2013 3. Question Paper Dec 2013 4. Question Paper June2014