ISBN 9788184891522,Beginning Java Me Platform

Beginning Java Me Platform


Dreamtech Press



Dreamtech Press

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788184891522

ISBN-10 8184891520


Number of Pages 600 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Engineering

 Have you thought about building games for your cell phone or other wireless devices? Whether you are a first time wireless Java developer or an experienced professional, Beginning Java? ME Platform brings exciting wireless and mobile Java application development right to your door and device! 

Beginning Java? ME Platform empowers you with the flexibility and power to start building Java applications for your Java enabled mobile device or cell phone. The book covers sound HTTPS support, user interface API enhancements, the Mobile Media API, the Game API, 3D graphics, Bluetooth, and more. 

Furthermore, this book is easy to read and includes many practical, hands on, and ready to use code examples. 

What you?ll learn 

  • Discover the various aspects of Java ME, including J2ME and CDC, with special attention paid to MJSP (JSR248 and JSR249).

  • Solidify your understanding of the Java platform and which parts of the platform are in various JSRs to help you select the appropriate market supported platforms on which to deploy and port your applications

  • Explore the full life cycle of Java ME application development, from design to application obfuscation to signing for carrier validation and release.

  • Create multimedia and game applications from scratch using the Mobile Media API, Game API, and other APIs most suited for mobile Java enabled devices and cell phones.

  • Work with tools including NetBeans 5.5 and the NetBeans Mobility Pack.

Who this book is for 
This book is written for developers with a minimum of J2SE experience interested in making the transition to Java ME. It assumes some previous programming experience, but no experience with mobile application development or carriers.



Part I - Getting Started
Chapter 1: Mapping the Java Jungle
Chapter 2: Shrinking Java to Fit
Chapter 3: Getting Started with the NetBeans IDE
Part II: CLDC Development with MIDP
Chapter 4: Introducing MIDlets
Chapter 5: Building User Interfaces
Chapter 6: Storing Data Using the Record Store
Chapter 7: Accessing Files and Other Data
Chapter 8: Using the Java Mobile and Game API
Part III: DCD Development
Chapter 9: Introducing Xlets and the Personal Basis Profile
Chapter 10: Introducing Applets and the Advanced Graphics and User Interface
Chapter 11: Using Remote Method Invocation
Part IV - Communicating with the Rest of the World
Chapter 12: Accessing Remote Data on the Network
Chapter 13: Accessing Web Services
Chapter 14: Messaging with the Wireless Messaging API
Part V - Other Java ME Interfaces
Chapter 15: Securing Java ME Applications
Chapter 16: Rendering Multimedia Content
Chapter 17: finding Your Way
Chapter 18: Seeking a Common Platform