ISBN 9789380828121,Beyond the Dunes

Beyond the Dunes




Vitasta Publishing



Vitasta Publishing

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380828121

ISBN-10 9380828128


Number of Pages 130 Pages
Language (English)


Three people, sifted by life into different countries, share a city and its struggles. Dubai becomes their commanlity. Nakudushambey is a missionary of mercy with a self-chosen moniker. The grand old uncle of the courthouse came to being in Dubai. Leaving judgement to the higher lord, he helps, unmindful of the borders that are impressed upon every righteous mind. The pervert, the prey and the prostitute are served without discrimination or expectation. His spirit rallies on his being immune to depravity and despair. What then makes him want to flee? Zoe Gonsalves is a single mother of three who opts to leave her country and her children to scour for Dirham dreams. But her fight for better yields only difficulties. Indulged by self-pity, what becomes of her ambitions and their rewards? Brought to existence in Dubai, Rayla Nizar has traded more than her name for the man she loves. She makes it her home. Blending her innate Western sensibility with cultivated Eastern sensitivity, she carves out space for women who are raped, bruised and abanonded, robbed of their will to survive. It only earns her controversy. Can she do anything for the young girl whose body is bearing the leftovers from repeated violation? Veena was twenty-five when she wrote this book, inspired heavily by her short stint as a journalist. Before that, following her degree in communication from the University of Westminster, London, she worked as an editorial assistant for an even shorter duration. At the time of writing this book, Veena was a firm believer of brevity.

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