ISBN 9788128805622,Bhavishaya Puran

Bhavishaya Puran


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Diamond Books


ISBN 9788128805622

ISBN-10 8128805622


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (Hindi)

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A retelling of the ancient religious text, Bhavishya Puran (H) will appeal to readers who find solace in religion and spiritualism. Summary Of The Book Bhavishya Puran (H) by Dr. Vinay is written in Hindi, and it takes readers back to the roots of Hinduism. The basic premise on which the ancient religion is based can be found in the 18 major 'Puranas' that have been written. Bhavishya Puran (H) brings focus, once again, on the fact that the old Vedic texts and scriptures are not just literary treasures, but gems that can help in shaping a person's moral and ethical behaviour. This retelling of some of the ancient Puranas is good for those who desire to get a quick overview on how the scriptures advice people to live their lives. The Puranas tell tales of good, evil, Dharma, and Karma. By going back to the Puranas in this book, the author conveys the point of view that their teachings should form the basis of people's lives even today. The book is written in a simple style that makes it easy for the reader to comprehend and understand the content. Replete with the stories of gods and goddesses and heavy on morality, Bhavishya Puran (H) offers a good introduction to the Indian scriptures. About Dr. Vinay Other books by Dr. Vinay include Shrimad Bhagawad Puran, Devi Bhagawad Puran, and Padma Purana.