ISBN 9780070620858,Bond Valuation, Yield Measures And The Term Structure

Bond Valuation, Yield Measures And The Term Structure



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780070620858

ISBN-10 0070620857


Number of Pages 94 Pages
Language (English)


The Securities Markets Series has been designed to cater to professionals who do not have time to read and assimilate a treatise on Financial Management or Corporate Finance. It provides a reasonably in-depth exposition on the topics in a concise and lucid manner, embellished with a lot of pertinent examples. It offers Just in Time learning on securities markets, with a focus on global conventions and practices. Bond Valuation, Yield Measures and the Term Structure covers the fundamentals of fixed income securities. The essentials of plain vanilla bonds, zero coupon bonds, and callable and convertible bonds are discussed. The book also covers issues of day-count conventions and accrued interest. The book further dwells on: Table of content : - Chapter 1. An Introduction to Bond Valuation Chapter 2. Valuation Between Coupon Dates Chapter 3. Yield Measures Chapter 4. The Term Structure Chapter 5. Appendix I: Sources and References Chapter 6. Appendix II: Solutions to End-of-Chapter Exercises Yield measures Yield to maturity and its variations Yield to call and portfolio yield The book also contains with a detailed discussion on the various theories explaining the term structure of interest rates. It is a source of knowledge for IT professionals, students of finance and those appearing for competitive examinations like CFA, etc.