ISBN 9788172452391,Book of Inventions & Discoveries

Book of Inventions & Discoveries



Goodwill Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788172452391

ISBN-10 817245239X


Number of Pages 112 Pages
Language (English)

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The word 'INVENTION' means to create something that doesn't exist so far. An inventor is someone who discovers or produces a useful object or process that did not exist before. This book is about the work of the people who invented many of the things we take for granted today. In fact many inventions help people to do things they could not do before; others help them to work more efficiently. Necessity is the mother of invention. This saying can lead us to know as to when the inventions started to be made. They started in prehistoric times after man's power of thinking was developed. After that he started thinking of ways & means to make his life as easy as possible. Modern inventions are rarely, the product of a single inventors efforts. For example, no single individual can claim that he or she alone invented the air conditioner. Thousands of people have played a useful role in its development and manufacture and many thousands more have improved its design. Many inventions have taken several centuries to develop into their modern forms, so it is impossible to give a precise date for their creation. Inventions had become a craze especially in the middle of the century in the Western countries. This was a period when inventions poured in one after another and affected almost all the fields of life. One or more inventions followed almost every discovery. Having been made over the centuries, inventions are still being made and shall continue being mode for all time to come. Today we are living in an electronic Age and as is observed almost each new day dawns with a new inventions. This section of the book, reveals inventions in different fields of life all over the world.