ISBN 9789350570753,Brain Power : Reinvent Yourself

Brain Power : Reinvent Yourself


V & S Publishers



V & S Publishers

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789350570753

ISBN-10 9350570750


Number of Pages 236 Pages
Language (English)

Personal Development & Self-Help

A hundred billion neurons, close to a quadrillion connections between them and we don't even fully understand a single cell! amazing, isn't it? This complex structure called the brain located inside the human head controls almost all our actions and reactions. The author in this book has collected and compiled several techniques devised by a wide range of researchers, to strengthen and sharpen the human brain so that it improves the body's immune system and its overall health. The techniques are presented in a systematic manner in the form of chapters and the readers can use them in different situations as per their needs, such as Seven ways to sharpen attention, insight and creativity Mindfulness, meditation and self-coaching Exercise to be still Easy strategies to boost your brain power Nine things successful people do differently However, one should always remember that all the techniques given in the book have been provided merely for the purpose of enhancing the readers awareness of their health potential and not as prescriptions for curing any specific ailment.