ISBN 9788189975203,Brand Names And Product Dynasties

Brand Names And Product Dynasties



Westland Publications

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788189975203

ISBN-10 818997520X


Language (English)

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This fascinating and well-illustrated book traces the origins, enterprise and branding rationale behind the naming and promotion of more than two hundred famous brands. In the context of modern branding, product packaging, promotion and marketing, it comes as no surprise that it has all been done before! But, curiously, history teaches that the choice of successful brand names owes more to intuition, misplaced belief and naivety than to meticulous strategic planning. In this intriguing book is a wealth of highly instructive material covering famous brands, marks and products-all dealing with the origins, development and achievement of two hundred well-known brands, product dynasties and corporate giants. You will find strange stories about hugely popular products ranging from Alka-Seltzer and Aspirin, Dr. Pepper and Pepsi-Cola, Harley Davidson and Rolls Royce, IBM and Intel, and Yo-Yo and Zipper. They are all here along with many more is this fanatic resource that will provide both entertainment and information to all who read it. This is for anyone fascinated about our commercial heritage and the names of everyday products all around us. It is a great book for at home, the office, when traveling, or as a gift.