ISBN 9788121503464,British Diplomacy and Administration in India 1807-13

British Diplomacy and Administration in India 1807-13



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1971

ISBN 9788121503464

ISBN-10 8121503469

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Number of Pages 240 Pages
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This is a study of the Governor-Generalship of Lord Minto I who was an active and ambitious administrator with scholastic tastes and closely associated with Burke, Fox and Sheridian. His administration was distinguished by moderation in his approach to Indian problems and his foreign policy was marked by considerable ability and energy which he had gained by his varied experience during his past career. Indeed, he avoided the two extremes of the policy pursued by Lord Wellesley and his two successors and steered his way cautiously without giving up the British aims in India and also without arousing bitter criticism by any section of official opinion in India or England. The instructions from the Court of Directors, the financial position of the Company and needs of consolidation of enormous gains already acquired during Lord Wellesley's regime, prevented him from contemplating a vigorous policy of annexation. As an administrator, Lord Minto set up a good example of sober industry, adventurous spirit and administrative drive. He effected some useful reforms in revenue, judicial, police, customs and postal departments. In the diplomatic sphere too, Lord Minto was quite successful. In the courts of Lahore, Sind, Kabul and Teheran, his missions improved the 'defensive means' of his Government. By his unified approach and concerted action at all levels, he wrecked Napoleonic decisive gibe. Besides, this period was also distinguished by the conquest of the French and Dutch settlements in the Indian ocean, leaving England without a European rival in the East. Thus the preservation of the British power in the East by the elimination of European rivals was the crowning act of Lord Minto's Governor-Generalship.