ISBN 9789351105213,Building Polyfills: Web Platform Apis For The Present & Future

Building Polyfills: Web Platform Apis For The Present & Future


Shroff Publishers



Shroff Publishers

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351105213

ISBN-10 9351105210


Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering & Technology

dd custom features to browsers old and new by writing polyfill libraries, JavaScript plugins that take browsers beyond their native capabilities. In this practical fieldbook, author Brandon Satrom introduces principles and guidelines for polyfill development, and then walks you through the steps for building a complex, real-world HTML5 polyfill.
Youll also explore the future of polyfilling-or prollyfilling-that will enable you to test and work with emerging concepts, often ahead of browser vendors. By the time you finish this book, youll have the tools and hands-on experience you need to build reliable polyfills for todays and tomorrows Web.
Learn the current state of polyfills, including shims, opt-ins, and drop-ins
Use principles and practices to build responsible polyfills that benefit the entire web development community
Build out several features for an HTML5 Forms polyfill library
Configure a build environment and run automated cross-browser testing
Optimize performance, handle edge cases, and fine-tune the speed of your polyfill
Get examples of prollyfilling libraries that push the boundaries of the Web