ISBN 9788131527931,Business Statistics

Business Statistics


Cengage Learning



Cengage Learning

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788131527931

ISBN-10 813152793X


Number of Pages 886 Pages
Language (English)

Business, Strategy & Management

The use of data for decision-making in business has gained tremendous momentum. Business Statistics introduces the students to the fundamentals of statistics for making business decisions. This book discusses the various concepts related to statistics that are helpful in making business decisions. Data are the fulcrum of the field of business statistics and this book provides the conceptual clarity for understanding data. In order to make the learning process easy and interesting, many examples are given in the form of business anecdotes, though fictitious in nature. Also, real-life business scenarios have been included in the examples. The examples help understand the concepts well. At the end of each chapter, a comprehensive list of exercises are given and by solving those exercises, the students can become adept at using data for decision-making.

Many examples are also solved using MS Excel and SPSS. Each example that has been solved using these software packages has a detailed illustration of the steps involved in using the software. Solving these examples will help gain expertise in using MS Excel and SPSS for statistical analysis. Cases from Indian companies with actual data sourced from the websites of those companies have been used to make the student realise the importance and relevance of various concepts. The motivation for writing this book is to make the learning process as interesting and simple as possible.

Reading this book will give the student an interesting and enriching experience. The student would enter into the fascinating world of data and decision-making using data.

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