ISBN 9788120329997,Business Strategy In A Semiglobal Economy

Business Strategy In A Semiglobal Economy




Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788120329997

ISBN-10 8120329996


Number of Pages 232 Pages
Language (English)

Political economy

The existence of semiglobal economy in which international business must compete both in highly globalized and in highly localized markets simultaneously, is a challenge to international business strategy. A semiglobal automobile company, for example, may have a global strategy when it comes to highly globalized packages like car engines, and a local strategy when it comes to car servicing, financing, distribution and advertising. This book elucidates, taking into account the current perspective, the concepts of globalization, multinationalization and semiglobalization. As the name suggests, it also outlines the concepts involved in making up the competitive strategy of a semiglobal corporation. The text challenges many conventional and stereotype notions like "one strategy fits all", "think global, act local" and the "horizontal-network-like business organizations are more suitable to competing in international markets than conventional hierarchical organizations" etc. It provides a new business model in a semiglobal corporation - a model that organizes its operations according to the global/local content of its value propositions. It is a useful supplementary text for students and professionals of international marketing and management, social scientists and the general public who want to keep up with the direction of globalization and its implications for business and everyday life.