ISBN 9789384061173,Business with a Heart : Practices for Better Clinic Management

Business with a Heart : Practices for Better Clinic Management



Network 18 Publications Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789384061173

ISBN-10 9384061174

Hard Back

Number of Pages 123 Pages
Language (English)

Clinical & internal medicine

Most secondary care private hospitals in India are set up by physicians who are not necessarily management professionals. They understand improved treatment techniques or better facilities for patients in their clinics. However, they may not have the time or inclination to explore the science and art of bettering business bottom lines. Guided by the Hippocrates oath, most doctors may have experienced some difference of opinion with professional hospital managers, who take quite seriously their job of running a hospital like any other business. As a result, in such set ups, balancing costs versus benefits and patients versus profits become a perennial dilemma.

A Business with a Heart is a simple yet effective reference guide for doctors / administrators who run clinics or hospitals. Without getting pretentious, preachy or pompous, this guide, based on interviews with successful doctor entrepreneurs and hospital managers, draws on their experiences of running hospitals efficiently, while keeping their patients happy and making profits. In an engaging dialogue, doctor entrepreneurs have shared their mistakes and the steps taken to overcome the challenges. Be it in the areas of manpower recruitment, purchase of medical and administrative technology, seamless patient discharge processes or even the issue of hospital accreditation, it advises the reader on how to preempt undesirable situations and deal with them, as necessary. Most important, it simplifies two major aspects which form the pillars of such hospital finance and legal issues.

All in all, this book presents the happy middle path which ensures that a hospital is run efficiently and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Its a must read for anyone who has been running a hospital or plans to set one up!