ISBN 9780071067157,Buy Me! New Ways to Get Customers to Choose Your Product and Ignore the Rest

Buy Me! New Ways to Get Customers to Choose Your Product and Ignore the Rest



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780071067157

ISBN-10 0071067159


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)


18 easy ways to ensure consumers choose your product over the competition's The world of consumer business is always hit hardest during a recession. But that doesn't mean you can't still drive sales and growth for your own organization. All it takes to come out on top, even in the toughest economies, is a keen understanding of consumer psychology and the right strategy. Written by Marshal Cohen, a global leader in market research and consumer behavior, Buy Me! takes a close look at customer behavior in today's economy and provides 18 simple techniques you can apply right away to make your products irresistible to customers, by Adding new, must-have features through dramatic upgrades Providing extra services to add value Building upon a strong reputation and impressive brand heritage Reevaluating every product to make your company lean and mean as possible Cohen explains how to use these techniques to create a can't-lose business strategy--helping you turn adversity into opportunity and ultimately generating dramatic profits and growth. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Section 1. The New Economy Chapter 1. The Age of Thrift Chapter 2. Economic Distractions Chapter 3. Change In Consumption Chapter 4. The New Retail Rules Chapter 5. The Seven Stages of Business Section 2. The New Consumer Chapter 6. The New Committed Consumer Chapter 7. The Global Consumer Chapter 8. The Shift To Accessories Chapter 9. Season-Less Merchandising Chapter 10. Gender Bender Chapter 11. Booming Boomers Chapter 12. Influence The Influencers Chapter 13. Somebody Help Me Section 3. The New Brand Chapter 14. Tip-top Tech Chapter 15. Luxury, A Tiffany Moment Chapter 16. A Little Bit of Privacy, Please! Chapter 17. Turning Adversity Into Opportunity: The Tips Conclusion