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BPB Publications


ISBN 9788176565806

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There comes time in computing when you need to forget about about issue like legacy code, backward compatibility, user base, community support, etc. and think a fresh, with a clean slate. That's what Microsoft did at the turn of last century. And came up with a bold new technology called .NET.Revolutions are few and far between. .NET is a revolution. It is going to change the way any and every type of application would be developed. When Microsoft takes something to its heart, it does a thorough job of it. To program .NET they have come up with a new language called C#. This language brings together compaction of C, Object-oriented paradigm of C++, Security of Java and Rapid Application Development features of Visual Basic. And if this is not enough, it brings several new concepts of its own. This book would help you understand the C# language and the .NET technology in a graded and simple manner. Table Of Contents .Net Vision .Net Framework Installing VS.Net VS.Net Development Enviroment Personalize VS.Net The .Net Base Classes Think in C# Classes And Objects Inheritance At Work Polymorphism At Work Structures And Enums Arrays And Strings Properties and Indexers Exception Handling WinForm - GDI+ Controls Menus, Toolbars And Statusbars Events And Delegates Assemblies Versioning Collection Classes File I/O And Predifined Attributes Multithreading Networking ADO.NET ASP.NET Web Services Miscellaneous